What is the digital marketing funnel?

Digital marketing is one of the most critical elements in the success of many businesses. Digital marketing provides the tools and techniques to enable your business to be competitive, generate followers and leads, and expand your market. Without digital marketing, your business could lose out on customers and revenue.


A digital marketing funnel is a model that shows how customers progress through different stages on their way to making a purchase.
The customer will go through different stages of finding, evaluating, and buying the product or service. This process can be broken up into four phases.

Stage 1: Awareness
The funnel starts with awareness and interest, which leads to research and consideration, leading to the eventual purchase. Awareness is when a customer realizes your product or service, which can happen through advertisements, word of mouth, or a website impression.

Stage 2: Interest
Interest is the next funnel stage when a customer investigates your product or service more and looks for more information.

Stage 3: Research
Research, the third stage of the funnel, is where they compare your product or service to others, including your competitors.

Stage 4: Purchase
It is also where they decide if they should purchase your product or service. Consideration, the fourth stage of the funnel, is where clients evaluate the decision to buy your product or service.

This is where they gather all the relevant information about your product or service.

In Fact, the name stems from the visual concept of a funnel, and it essentially refers to the tools and processes on the web that influence people to spend their money on a product.

The top of the funnel is where people first hit when they research a product, like when they Google a product and visit the site.
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The middle of the funnel is where the customer is experiencing an exorbitant amount of traffic but not yet converting.
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The bottom is the customer consideration stage, and the customer is ready to purchase the product.


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